Shipping and payment



Payment for goods can be made in the following ways:

1. By bank transfer
This method allows you to pay securely. Once the amount is paid in full, the shipment is prepared for delivery to the selected carrier.
2. In cash 
Choose this option only if you have selected personal collection as the delivery method at our dispensary in Králové dvoře.

3.Go Pay online card payment

You have the option to conveniently pay by card online. It is the fastest way of online payment through the GoPay payment gateway.
After completing the order, you will be redirected to this payment gateway. You will be informed about the progress of the payment by e-mail. In case the online payment is not successful, you can choose an alternative payment method or try to make the payment again.


Shipping is FREE for orders over 5000 ,- CZK

You can choose the following methods for shipping goods:

1.Czech Post - Package in hand 159,-
A transport service that delivers goods to your home.
If you cannot be reached at home, you can pick up the goods at your post office.

2. Česká Pošta - Parcel for the post office 159,-
The package will be waiting for you at the nearest post office.

3. Personal collection at the Lele sisters branch - FREE upon prior agreement
You can pick up the goods directly in our warehouse:
Tovární 399,26701 Králův Dvůr

4. Personal pick-up Zásilkovna 75,-
You can order and pick up the goods at more than 7,000 branches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, or you can have them sent to Z-BOX. In case of delivery to Z-BOX, only online payment is possible.

Delivery: You can pick up the parcel at the Post Office branch immediately as soon as we send you an email or SMS with your unique password for issuing the parcel and information - your parcel is ready for collection. Without knowing the PASSWORD, it will not be possible to issue the shipment. The standard time for storing a shipment at the Post Office is 7 days.
If the shipment does not meet the size requirements for storage at the Post Office branch, it is directed to the transport company, which delivers it to the customer's address. (In this case, the shipments are directed to the carrier: Maximum weight of the shipment: 5 kg. Maximum size of one side of the shipment: 70 cm, Maximum sum of the dimensions of all three sides of the shipment: 120 cm (e.g. a shipment with dimensions of 50×40×30 cm). It is possible to pay in cash at zasilkovna branches. More information at