How to shop?

How to shop on our e-shop

Detailed instructions on how to navigate and shop in the e-shop will help you find everything you need simply and quickly.Whenever you need, you can go back and find what you need.

First steps to quick orientation and order

We don't want to discourage you with an unnecessarily complicated search, which is why the e-shop is designed in a very minimalistic way.We want to make it easy for you to search and fumble through certain steps and make sure you have fun shopping with us.

Search in categories

After clicking on the main category, all its subcategories will be displayed below. You can easily get to where you need to go.Next, just choose a color option and you're done.

Product and its profile

We are all interested in the product the most.We try to provide as much information here as possible so that you know what you are getting into with us.
By clicking on the selected product, its profile will be displayed, where you will find all information and photos about it.

The main title is accurate, followed by the description and characteristics and price of the product.The customer will also learn the brand of the product here.The product is also numbered and has a green "in stock" or a red "out of stock" label.Some products are marked with availability variants, such as "in preparation", "on request", "on order", etc.Even if the product is "out of stock", you can find out all the information about it by clicking on its profile.If for any reason there is need for more information kindly send us quick email or message and we will provide as much as needed.

Main and detailed photos

Each product profile has a main photo, which can be seen in reduced form immediately in the product list.You can see a larger photo in the product profile, and if you want to see the image in more detail, you can view it below in the gallery, where there is an overview of the color variants. We also recommend visiting our Instagram, where you can get inspiration on how to combine products.

Product variants

Some products have a selection of patterns, colors and embroidery designs in the profile below the price.Clicking on the selected color, the design will be confirmed by adding it to the basket.Color variants can be found in the gallery of each product.

Last visited product

The products that were visited last are shown on each page under the given product to make them easier to find.

Product discussion

Each product profile also has the option to quickly send a question by clicking on the "Discussion" button on the right.After opening the window, enter the necessary information and the text itself and send.You can find the answer to your question in the e-mail you entered.

Fast contact

For assistance from our side, it is possible to send a question via the form located at the bottom of each page under the "Quick Contact" button.

Add to cart

Mark the selected product with the number of pieces, or choose a variant and put it in the basket by clicking the "Add to basket" button.You can choose the color, design and cut of the t-shirts for example in the profile of each product.If you need to go to the basket during or after the purchase, click on the numbered basket in the upper right corner of the e-shop.If there is not a single product in the cart, the cart is empty.

Goods in the basket

You can view the information about your basket (list of goods, number of pieces, the last product inserted and the total price of the order without VAT without shipping) by clicking the mouse on the basket icon, which will open a window with the requested information.You can also enter the basket through this window by clicking the "Go to basket" button under the last product inserted.

Completion of purchase

After completing the purchase, you will see all the goods in the basket, for which you can edit the number of pieces, or possibly delete some items with a cross.You can adjust the numbers with the up and down arrows or by typing in the "quantity" field.The list will be updated by clicking anywhere outside this field.Under the total amount, click on the "Continue to shipping" button.

If you forgot something or want to add more goods to the basket, you can choose the "Back to shopping" button on the left.This step will redirect you to the page with the last product uploaded.

Specifying shipping and payment

After completing any adjustments and checking the contents of the basket, click the "Continue to shipping" button to select the shipping and payment method.Please note that we only ship packages to the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Sending the order

After selecting shipping and payments, the "Continue" button will direct you to fill in all delivery and possibly invoicing information.If you are a logged in registered customer, everything is already filled out. At the end of this page, you will go to the last step, where you enter the mandatory consents to the processing of your personal data and consent to the terms and conditions.And the last option is to agree to send a satisfaction questionnaire to your e-mail.

After filling in all the necessary data, complete the order by clicking the "Finish order" button at the bottom right.The shipment will be confirmed by a message on the e-shop, and then you will receive an automatic notification to your email address specified in the order.

Order status information

We will send you information about the order status to your e-mail.This way, you will know about our every step until the order is processed/sent.An order will be displayed in each of these notices.

What information can I expect in an email?

• information on order acceptance

• info on receiving payment and attaching an invoice
• info on order processing
• information about handing over the order to the selected carrier
• inquiry about satisfaction with the order

After completing the order, we recommend monitoring your email inbox to find out its current status.

Rating of trade and goods

A few days after the completion of the transaction, the system automatically sends a request to evaluate the purchased goods.If you are satisfied, we will be happy for your rating.


Registration is not mandatory on our e-shop, but if you register, it will bring you convenience when ordering, and you will also be able to use the benefits of a registered customer.Another advantage of registration is the customer section, where the order history is stored and where you can track the status of your latest order.

If you want to register with us, you can do so in the upper right part of the e-shop "Your account" with a thumbnail, after the window opens, click on "Create account" and the system will redirect you to fill in the login name and password, which you will use every time you log in to the e-shop.After filling in and entering the password in the image, you agree to the terms and conditions and give your consent to the processing of personal data, or consent to sending information about what is happening in the e-shop.

Logging in and logging out

You simply log in using the icon on the right in the upper part of the e-shop "Your account" and then "Log in", after scrolling and clicking, just fill in your name and password. f you have forgotten your password, click "Forgot Password".An e-mail with a new password will arrive in your inbox.After logging in with the generated password, you can change it again, but don't forget to save this change.

Customer section

If you are registered on our e-shop, a customer section is automatically created for you, where your order history is stored and where you can also track the status of your latest order.

In the order history, you will see all the data about each order, such as the date and exact time of creation, order number, price with/without VAT, order invoice, and of course also the overall order details, which can be opened by clicking on the order number.You can check everything and see the goods you ordered.

You can read how to proceed when complaining about goods in the "Complaints" section, then in the terms and conditions.

Are you missing any information about using the e-shop? Do not hesitate to contact us.