"Lelesisters Long story short "

First of all, we want to thank you for being here and reading these lines.Every single product is a complex creation and has gone through a long development process.When you click on the Envelopka, you only see a handbag or a very expensive laptop case.What we see are hours of development of cuts, sweat, tears and burnt fingers from ironing.It takes a long time to deliver not only quality, but also design. Several years have passed since our first attempts at production and until today we are sure that we have something that no other brand can offer you.An integral part of the price there is also a workforce that is undervalued.Today and every day we witness small workshops or small component manufacturers closing their stores because they are not competitive enough.Lele has decided to help not only the craft, but also the small workshops that are trying to survive.

Every one of us has thought at some point while searching on the, this is too expensive, I'd rather try to make it myself.
In the end, however, you'll find that after buying the fabric, lining, components, packing box, and I'm not even counting your time, it will turn out it's really cheaper to simply buy the given item.You can't compare a brand starting with corporate giants and world-famous brands, where the "same" product costs a third of the price.I recommend watching the documentary "True cost", where practices in the world of fashion and a well-thought-out fast fashion system are revealed.
When buying Lele products, we think not only of money, but also of people.Those who sat with us for long hours and came up with cuts for the fifteenth time, those who have the desire to change today's shopping preferences from quantity to quality.

A capsule wardrobe is a long-discussed topic in the world of fashion.Today shows us from all sides what we need.But how would you like to live, to have only a few pieces at home and with well-chosen accessories to invent an infinite number of outfits.My sister and I are two different rivers.I'm the calm one, sometimes I deviate, but 99% of the time I choose "boring" colors like white, black, beige.I believe that minimalism has its place in every wardrobe and if we choose the right cuts for our figure, each of Us  can look awesome.On the other hand of Lele is my sister, who has always loved colors.Her type of river is at first sight a collection of everything that the water has taken from the shore, but eventually you stop and find that the combination works incredibly well and fits her personality.Where is it written that a furry handbag won't go with a jacket, or that pink won't with turquoise.I recognize that fashion needs certain amount of feeling and I believe that we will deliver both subtlety for those boring rivers like me, as well as a more diverse style.All in all, we do care in which country our products will be sewn.Under what conditions the factories and workshops will work.We do care how many pieces we release into the world and how customers will feel.Every single product is made as a limited edition and will please demanding customers.We want to make you happy, and when you take our t-shirt or perhaps a handbag among your friends, we want you to feel good.So that you can proudly say that this is a Czechoslovak brand that do care, and that's why I gave them a chance.Thank you for helping us to help...Your Lele Sisters


Less plastic, more love or how to choose the right gift for kids

  A few years ago, in the pre-child era, I lived in proper minimalism. Maybe the constant moving and moving of one suitcase around the world taught me not to accumulate junk, and regular bouts of cleaning kept me balanced.

Advertisements all over the world show thousands of options that we can have at home for just a few crowns. They fill our empty lives, sorrows and stages of life with cheap goods destined to be recycled and returned to the cycle where they appear as more junk.

  The best gift for children depends on their age, interests and personal preferences. Invest time in choosing one that will not only be fun, but also beneficial for their development. If you are not sure, a consultation with the parents or the child himself can be the key to finding the perfect gift.

When choosing, we would be interested not only in quality, but also in longevity.

Cheap products tend to be made of lower quality materials and poor workmanship, which means they wear out or break down more quickly. This leads to the need for more frequent replacement or repair, which increases the overall cost in the long run.

  Investing in better quality products may seem more expensive at first, but in the long run it can pay off with lower maintenance costs and a longer lifespan. This is why it is often said that "we don't have enough money to buy cheap things".

Choosing a gift for a child can be a fun but sometimes challenging task. To make a gift truly pleasing and appropriate, several key factors must be considered. Here are some tips that can help you choose the best gift:

  Gifts should be appropriate for the child's age so that they are safe and appropriate for their developmental level.

  0-1 year: Sensory toys, stuffed animals, teethers, simple musical instruments.

Our tip

1-3 years: Construction kits, interactive toys, picture books, toys for motor development.

4-6 years: Creative sets, role-play costumes, simple games, books for early readers.

7-10 years: Construction kits, more complex games, sports equipment, books with longer stories.

11+ years: Tech toys, electronics, interest books, more complex games and kits.

  Gifts can also reflect interests and hobbies. Consider the interests of the child.

  Here are some examples:

  Sports child: Sports equipment, jerseys, balls, equipment for your favorite sport.

  Creative child: Painting supplies, construction kits, creative sets (e.g. for jewelry making or modelling).

  Technological child: Electronic kits, robotic kits, programmable toys.

  Reader: Books, library subscriptions, e-book reader.

 Do not forget about...


Make sure the gift is safe for the child, especially when it comes to small children. Avoid small parts that could be swallowed and sharp edges.

 Educational value

Toys and games can be fun and educational at the same time. Consider gifts that support learning and skill development, such as building blocks, puzzles, books or science kits.

 Parental preferences

If you are not the child's parent, it is a good idea to ask the parents about their preferences and any restrictions, such as allergies, dietary restrictions or specific interests of the child.


Personalized gifts such as books with the child's name, personalized clothes or toys can be extra special and personal.

 Social and family games

Games that the whole family can play can be a great gift to encourage family fun and interaction.

  Choosing a gift for a child should be based on age, interests, safety and quality. Pay attention to what the child enjoys and what could support his development and creativity. If you are unsure, a consultation with the child's parents can be very helpful.

A fashion guru at any age

  A love of fashion can be present at any age and can manifest itself in different ways, from childhood fascination with colorful clothes to sophisticated style in adulthood. Here's a look at how a love of fashion can develop and how it can be fostered at different stages of life.

 Originality in fashion is about self-expression, experimentation and fearlessness. Find your personal style, combine different elements, invest in quality pieces and don't be afraid to try new things. Be inspired, but also customize your fashion to reflect your unique personality.

  Children are drawn to bright colors and fun patterns. Clothing with favorite characters from fairy tales or cartoons can be very popular. Costumes and disguises allow children to play different roles and develop their imagination. Playing with princesses, superheroes or animals is common. I, like many parents, prefer monochromatic clothes that can be combined with wilder clothes that find their way to you either as a gift or by choosing a child for example. Even at an early age, children often like to choose own clothes and combine different pieces to express their personality. This is followed by an explosion of colors in the form of well-known characters from fairy tales and special effects such as sequins or printed inscriptions. Everything is allowed in fashion, however, over time our preferences change and therefore we are not afraid of our children's creations and let's treat them to sequins, bows AND Donald Ducks.

For me, one simple rule should be followed and that is, if you have flashy pants, calm them down with monochromatic t-shirts, otherwise the child will very quickly resemble a Disney billboard. Less is more and, just as it applies to adults and children, it is sometimes more appropriate to choose more universal tones.

 In the period of adolescence and now we reach teenagers, it is a natural dose of experimentation mixing different styles, breaking down gender boundaries or tasting colors and patterns. The search for personal style and identity is reflected in everyday life. Social networks, media idols can also have a great influence on their choice of clothing. Fashion can play a key role in building self-confidence and identity. Choosing clothes is often a way to present yourself to the world and to cope with social pressures.

 Around the age of 20, we begin to find and define our own style, fashion becomes a means of personal presentation. The choice of clothing can be influenced by professional needs. Dressing for work or formal occasions requires a specific style and elegance.

 With increasing age and experience, people often focus on the quality of clothing rather than quantity, preferring durable and timeless pieces. The balance between comfort and style catches up with us after 30 years of life, when we start to focus more on comfort than on aesthetic appearance. People are more they focus on materials and cuts that suit them.

 The style can be elegant and sophisticated, with an emphasis on classic and timeless pieces. At this age, many people already know what suits them well and are not afraid to wear what makes them happy.

 The older generation often prefers classic styles and comfortable clothes that are practical and easy to wear. Fashion can have a nostalgic element, with older people returning to styles from their youth or preferring vintage pieces. Style can reflect life experiences and philosophy, while fashion becomes a means of expressing values ​​and attitudes.

  So how to promote a love of fashion at any age?

 Encourage individuals to express themselves through fashion, whatever their age. Teach children and young people about fashion, materials and sustainable practices. Help seniors find new trends and styles that might suit them.

 Be inspired by fashion icons and trends, but also encourage the discovery of personal style.

  Fashion is a great way to express your personality and feel good at any age. Promote a love of fashion by encouraging creativity, self-expression and the joy of dressing up regardless of age.

 Being original in fashion means creating and wearing outfits that express your personality and set you apart from others. Here are some tips to be original and stylish:

  • Know yourself

Identify your personal style that best describes you. It can be boho, minimalist, vintage, avant-garde or sporty. Use fashion as a tool to express your personality, mood and life values.

  • Experiment with different styles

Combine different styles and eras. For example, vintage pieces with modern accessories or elegant elements with casual clothes. Don't be afraid to experiment with unusual combinations of colors and patterns. Create contrasts and try new combinations.

  • Invest in key pieces

Invest in quality basics such as well-fitting jeans, a white shirt, a black jacket or classic shoes. Accessorize your basics with statement accessories such as jewellery, scarves, hats or bags to create a unique look.

  • Shop from a variety of sources

Here you will find unique pieces that are not normally available. Vintage clothing can add uniqueness and authenticity to your style.Support smaller, independent designers and brands that offer original and limited collections.

  • DIY and personalization

Customize your clothes according to your own taste. Add embroidery, sew appliqués or modify older pieces. If you have sewing skills, try designing and sewing your own clothes.

  • Get inspired, but don't copy

Follow fashion influencers, bloggers and designers, but adapt their ideas to your own style.You can also look for inspiration in art, architecture, music or travel.

  • Emphasis on details

Details such as unconventional buttons, special cuts or original prints can greatly enhance your style. The way you wear your clothes can be the key to originality. For example, a shirt tucked in only on one side, a tied scarf or layering different pieces.

 Wear clothes that make you feel good and confident. Your posture and behavior significantly influence how your style is perceived by others. Don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd and be different. Be confident in your choice and don't be afraid to show your uniqueness.

  Originality in fashion is about self-expression, experimentation and fearlessness. Find your personal style, combine different elements, invest in quality pieces and don't be afraid to try new things. Be inspired, but also customize your fashion to reflect your unique personality.

Your Team Lele sisters