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You ask, what about the 5%?Considering the limited series, there are some items on request.So hopefully you have all the information and we can finally choose the right product together!

A large selection of non-traditional materials!

Fashion is not always just about practicality and classics.We know all about it and we want to share original creations without limits full of imagination for all our  customers.Start lighty and buy, for example, a Lele shopping bag for every occasion!

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It's not always easy to choose the right gift, especially for a woman.That's why we're here for you, call or write and we'll surely choose the right one together.If you're an introvert and don't want any contact :), we respect that and highly recommend buying a gift voucher valid for 1 year.If you are interested, contact us at maika@lelesisters.com.

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Take advantage of free shipping and add to your order, for example a mini version for your child or a handbag for a friend.We are for recycling and therefore support combined shipping, free shipping for orders over 5000,-

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Every single product is unique.The fabrics for their production are purchased only in small coils.That said you will be one of the few who can reach a new wave of luxury in sustainable fashion.


Welcome to the colorful Lele world!

Our products are playful, sewn with love and of the highest quality.By buying Lele sisters products, you not only support Czech production and small suppliers, but also brighten up your wardrobe with fresh pieces made from non-traditional materials.